Retainers/Session Fees/Refunds

I understand that retainers are non-refundable partial-payments on a session to hold my session date and time. The balance of the session fee is due at the time of the session.

After the session, paid session fees are also non-refundable.

I understand that retainers will be forfeited for, but not limited to, the following reasons: canceling, not showing up, arriving so late that conducting the session would result in too few images, et al.

I will not lose my retainer if Andrew Dodson photography requests to cancel or change the session date/time. Only if a new date/time is unable to be agreed upon, Andrew Dodson Photography will return my retainer and cancel my session.

I understand that session fees only apply to the cost of the session itself, and that any prints, wall art, digital files and/or other products may be purchased at an additional cost. Unless otherwise specified, no products are included with session fees.


I understand that session times are only “up to” a certain amount of time, and if I choose to end the session early, that does not constitute a change in session type and will not result in a refund of the difference of a shorter session. Sessions may not be split into multiple shoot times and dates. If the photographer cuts a session short, an alternate shoot date may be scheduled to complete the remaining session time, at the sole discretion of the photographer.

While effort will be made to achieve specific shots within reason, due to various - and sometimes unforeseen - circumstances (including but not limited to weather, location, et al) Andrew Dodson photography cannot guarantee the outcome or viability of any particular shot.

All poses and/or positions shall be at the sole discretion of the photographer and shall be within/comply with any and all applicable local city ordinances, state and federal law.

Review sessions and purchasing

Session fees do not include any print, artwork or digital products.

Prices are subject to change, without notice, but are guaranteed from the time of booking through the review of the client’s gallery. Please be prepared to purchase at your gallery review session.

Online galleries are not offered in lieu of a gallery review session.

Due to the custom nature of photography, payment is required at the time of purchase. Once orders are placed, all sales are final and no refunds will be given.

All major forms of payment are accepted. If paying by check, please allow up to ten (10) business days for checks to clear the bank before orders are processed. Returned checks will be subject to a $35 recovery fee.

Copyright and usage

I understand that all images are copyright Andrew Dodson Photography, LLC and are the sole property of Andrew Dodson Photography, LLC.

Any images posted on social media sneak peeks and/or online galleries are the sole property of Andrew Dodson photography and may not be downloaded, screen-captured, re-uploaded, printed, etc. I understand that I may be charged for any images with which I violate this policy.

All images, unless otherwise specifically stated in writing, are for personal non-commercial use only. Personal non-commercial use also precludes the use of images in any advertising or promotion of family-owned businesses, side businesses, or hobbies.

I understand that the purchase of digital files of images does not grant me copyright ownership, images remain the sole property of Andrew Dodson Photography, LLC; and that I am bound by the terms and regulations set forth in the print rights agreement provided by Andrew Dodson Photography, LLC. Purchase of digital products grants the client permission to use those purchased images in accordance with the Personal Usage Agreement only.