1970's Throwback Shoot / by Andrew Dodson

Fresh off the heels of our Calvin Klein ‘90’s Throwback shoot, we set out to create another attention-grabbing magazine-worthy decade themed editorial spread. Fortunately, the perfect model was thinking the same thing!

“You should do a ‘70’s themed shoot,” Clay High School senior Maddie messaged.


Maddie was the perfect model for the shoot. Not only did she have an amazing retro wardrobe, but she shared the same vision we had for the shoot.

Vision? Check.

Perfect model? Check.

Retro style? Double check.

But what we needed to really to set the shoot off was the perfect location…


Themed shoots

make unique magazine-worthy senior portraits.

A hidden gem located right here in Portsmouth is a house, built in the late 1960’s and the sister house to one in California. Stepping inside is like a trip back in time - nearly 5000 square feet of 1970’s flavor. From the sunken living room to the retro kitchen that is a work of art unto itself, the current owners have meticulously restored and preserved the estate to its original glory.

And it was a perfect place to complete our ‘70’s Throwback Shoot!


Extraordinary should be the standard


In-studio and on-location, Maddie was able to bring the ‘70’s vibe to life, elevating her senior portrait session from just “senior pictures” to Vogue Magazine-esque fashion images. She’s unique and her senior pictures show it!

Yours should too!

On all our shoots, not only do we work to create timeless images, but we work to create a memorable experience. We want all our clients to feel like supermodels for the day. You don’t have to be a model to look like one.


Our senior sessions give you an opportunity to break out your inner supermodel. Our images are nationally recognized and get you the attention you deserve.

Don’t settle for ordinary senior pictures. Be extraordinary! Be you!

Ready to turn your senior portrait session into something truly unique? Shoot me a message on the Contact Page and let’s make it happen!