3 Tips For Senior Guys by Andrew Dodson

Senior guys are some of the most fun sessions I have, but not all senior guys are prepared for what’s in store. Whereas a lot of the girls I photograph have a good grasp on fashion, style, and being photographed, a lot of guys aren’t quite as in-tune.

Why should the girls have all the fun?! Here are a few very important tips for my senior guys to keep in mind.


1. Choose Clothes That Fit

This is perhaps the biggest problem that I see with senior guys.

I admit, when I was in high school and college, I wore big baggy clothes. Despite being a size M, I bought shirts and pants way too big for me as if more material made it a better value. Baggy clothes may be more comfortable, but they don’t photograph well.

Conversely, buying clothes that are too small for you look equally as bad. Ultra-tight clothes will make you look overweight.

Shirt sleeves should be the right length. Pant legs shouldn’t be too long or too short.

2. Suits Never Go Out Of Style


A good suit is a timeless outfit. If you have one, bring it! If you don’t have one, look into getting one.

Not only can a suit create timeless senior pictures, but it can also be incorporated into more trendy pictures as well.

Suit jackets should fit (see tip #1). Sleeves should be the proper length - not too short, not baggy. Pant legs should either meet at the top of your shoes or at the top of the soles of your shoes. The tip of your tie should just touch the top of your belt. And speaking of which, if your pants have belt loops, you should be wearing a belt.

If you’re unsure about how to tie a tie, there are plenty of free apps you can download that guide you step-by-step.

Also be sure to bring clean, polished dress shoes and socks (even if you think you only want to do waist up shots). It’s better to be over-prepared. You don’t want to miss out on cool pictures because you’re wearing ratty sneakers with your suit.

3. Have Fun

“I’m only here because my mom is making me.” You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve heard that from senior guys. C’mon, man, lighten up and have fun!

Trust me, you want senior pictures that look good for years to come. Ten years from now, you won’t care that mom took 3 hours out of your weekend to do pictures.

When you book your senior pictures with Andrew Dodson Photography, we have FUN. I blast music, make a fool of myself, make dumb jokes, and just have a good time. My goal is to make sure YOU have a good time too!

So even if you’re a guy under duress, only doing senior pictures because mom forced you to, you’re still going to have a blast!


Senior Pictures Really Are Fun

If you think senior pictures aren’t fun, you just haven’t booked a session with Andrew Dodson Photography! Send me a message, get the Guide, and schedule your senior picture session with me today!

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Jodi - Teen High School Senior Portraits by Andrew Dodson

It’s All About The Attitude

And boy did Jodi bring it for her senior session!

But don’t let those smoldering eyes fool you, she was as nice and carefree as they come. It’s always fun to get to play the part of the brooding rockstar or the famous fashion model.


You don’t have to be a model to look like one!

Our senior sessions give you the chance to unleash your inner fashion model for an afternoon! You get treated like the fashion icon you are AND you get stunning magazine cover images to go with it!


If you’re ready to set yourself apart from the crowd and give yourself the rockstar treatment, I’d love to work with you! Head over the contact page and shoot me a message!

1970's Throwback Shoot by Andrew Dodson

Fresh off the heels of our Calvin Klein ‘90’s Throwback shoot, we set out to create another attention-grabbing magazine-worthy decade themed editorial spread. Fortunately, the perfect model was thinking the same thing!

“You should do a ‘70’s themed shoot,” Clay High School senior Maddie messaged.


Maddie was the perfect model for the shoot. Not only did she have an amazing retro wardrobe, but she shared the same vision we had for the shoot.

Vision? Check.

Perfect model? Check.

Retro style? Double check.

But what we needed to really to set the shoot off was the perfect location…


Themed shoots

make unique magazine-worthy senior portraits.

A hidden gem located right here in Portsmouth is a house, built in the late 1960’s and the sister house to one in California. Stepping inside is like a trip back in time - nearly 5000 square feet of 1970’s flavor. From the sunken living room to the retro kitchen that is a work of art unto itself, the current owners have meticulously restored and preserved the estate to its original glory.

And it was a perfect place to complete our ‘70’s Throwback Shoot!


Extraordinary should be the standard


In-studio and on-location, Maddie was able to bring the ‘70’s vibe to life, elevating her senior portrait session from just “senior pictures” to Vogue Magazine-esque fashion images. She’s unique and her senior pictures show it!

Yours should too!

On all our shoots, not only do we work to create timeless images, but we work to create a memorable experience. We want all our clients to feel like supermodels for the day. You don’t have to be a model to look like one.


Our senior sessions give you an opportunity to break out your inner supermodel. Our images are nationally recognized and get you the attention you deserve.

Don’t settle for ordinary senior pictures. Be extraordinary! Be you!

Ready to turn your senior portrait session into something truly unique? Shoot me a message on the Contact Page and let’s make it happen!

Kelton - Teen High School Senior Portraits by Andrew Dodson


That’s the word I’d use to describe 2019 Minford High School senior Kelton’s style.

Dressed to the nines in a custom-tailored suit, Kelton brought classic sophistication to his senior session. He dripped with GQ-worthy style. Everything down to the details - tie, pocket square, watch - conveyed timelessness. The type of portraits that will withstand the test of time.


Kelton’s session also incorporated all the things that make him who he is: student, trendsetter, athletic phenom, avid outdoorsman.

A perfect senior session combines everything that makes you who you are and magazine-worthy settings and visuals.

Kelton did not disappoint.


It was such an honor and pleasure to work with Kelton and his family. He is such a genuinely nice, talented young man who is certainly destined for great things!

If you’re ready to get more information about creating your perfect senior portrait session, head over to the Contact Page and shoot me a message! I’d love to work with you!

Wheelersburg High School Homecoming Court by Andrew Dodson

I recently had the honor of photographing Wheelersburg High School’s homecoming queen and court.

The ladies and moms came to the studio. There was lots of laughing, joking, blasting loud music, and everyone had a blast. We did several group shots and individual headshots of everyone and called it an evening.

It was truly so much fun working with these young ladies!

Queen - Abbie Kallner
Senior - Maty McFarland
Junior - Addison Collins
Sophomore - Ellie Kallner
Freshman - Isabella Hamilton

Abbie Kallner (Queen)

Abbie Kallner (Queen)

Maty McFarland (Senior)

Maty McFarland (Senior)

Addison Collins (Junior)

Addison Collins (Junior)

Ellie Kallner (Sophomore)

Ellie Kallner (Sophomore)

Isabella Hamilton (Freshman)

Isabella Hamilton (Freshman)

Wheelersburg Homecoming Queen and court

Wheelersburg Homecoming Queen and court

Nataya - High School Teen Fashion Model by Andrew Dodson

I first met Nataya when she was only 12 years old. And already at that time she made quite an impression.

We did a portfolio-building shoot and posted to Instagram. Within only a few days, an international cosmetics company liked her images, and on the strength of those images, Nataya was able to land a modeling agent!




If you’re looking to build your modeling portfolio, message me! We’re always looking to collaborate with aspiring and up-and-coming models, as well as established models.

Calvin Klein '90's Throwback by Andrew Dodson

Inspired by the Calvin Klein ads of the ‘90’s, we decided to do a throwback themed fashion shoot.


If anyone thinks these shoots themselves are actually sexy, they’d be wrong. The studio was still cold from the winter evening air. Each setup was highly technical as to posing and placement. And everything was being hyper-scrutinized in each shot.

And considering neither of our subjects are professional models and had only recently met each other, I think they did a pretty fantastic job!

Stay tuned for more upcoming fashion shoots…